Sep 17, 2012

Exam Results Are Out!

The results for my kid's first periodical exams are out and I am a happy mother because they all did well! This is of course thanks to my sister who made a big effort to review Danniel and Ishi despite her own studies and on the job training.  So its my problem now that for the next school year when my sister graduates from school and starts her own career that we need somebody to take care of tutoring and stuff.  This early, we are looking at eduboard com to see if my kids will be able to adapt to online tutoring.  While I believe that their attention will not wander unlike with a real tutor because this is something new and exciting, I still have to make sure that this will suit them.  I am having my sister evaluate it and my kids to try it to see if they would like it.  Otherwise, I might need to look for a tutor at school.  But their initial reaction to online tutoring is very well and I just have to wait for my sister to say that this is okay before I really take a good look.  I believe in my sister's judgment, not to mention that I am too busy at work this moment, so I will have to rely on her assessment.  She loves to see her niece and nephews do well in school and she takes as much pride in it as I do!

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