Sep 18, 2012

Magnolia Ice Cream House

The new Robinsons Magnolia mall is located at the place where the Magnolia plant used to stand, hence the name.  And I guess to pay tribute to its namesake, a Magnolia Ice cream house takes a prominent place in the mall.  It is located in front of the mall, near the open spaces.

Despite the rain, my daughter was excited for this treat and while there was a long wait, she was still all smiles!
My happy daughter with her order of the Banana Split (P240.00).  I didn't get anything for me because I was on a diet and had 2 adobo rice from Adobo Connection, ha ha. I just had some scoops of the chocolate ice cream (couldn't resist!)

The banana split was good and was enough to compensate for the super slow service.  Good thing I was with my daughter who didn't mind waiting because we were having fun taking our pictures. But I saw two tables almost cancelling their orders because it took forever to be served!
So I guess Magnolia Ice cream house is okay if you are on a date, and wouldn't mind waiting and didn't have grumpy kids waiting for their ice cream!

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