Oct 31, 2012

Oct 29, 2012

Ishi's First Pet: The Hamster's Romeo & Juliet

My daughter Ishi wants a pet.  She is actually asking for a dog, but because we live in a small house, I don't think its practical to get her one.  And besides, the costs of caring for dogs is way over my budget.  I don't think I can spare the money for vaccines, grooming, vitamins and whatever else that you need to humanely care for dogs.  Good thing my sister-in-law said that her son's hamsters recently gave birth to six more and Ishi should just her Kuya Exhcel for 2.  I told my daughter that if she can ask her Kuya for the hamsters, we will buy her the cage right away.

Yesterday, she went to ask for hamsters, and of course, her Kuya Exhcel agreed and so we had to buy her the cage.  But before that, she was having second thoughts because she was afraid that she might not be able to take care of them properly.  Good thing we were able to re-assure her.  Yesterday, she was fussing over her pets and was already telling her cousins about them.  Her Kuya Drex helped her name them Romeo and Juliet and I hope that they live happily longer, he he.

Oct 16, 2012

Yellow Dinosaur!


A late MYM post, but too good to pass.  A yellow, scary dinosaur after my sister and kids! Scary and super Fun! Photo taken at our recent family fun day at Manila Ocean Park.

Oct 15, 2012

RRCG Bus: Winner!

I ride the bus daily to and from R. Magsaysay in Sta Mesa Manila to Robinsons Galleria and I love RRCG buses!  This one, that I chanced upon one day is the best one yet!  It has free wifi, but I didnt get to ask for the password because I was using my blackberry already and because it was SRO, as usually is in the morning!
But, it has 5 TV monitors each showing a different channel or movie.  One TV is right in front in the middle and 2 are beside it, one behind the driver and one right behind the door.  Two more TV's were behind me.  It was fun riding this bus because it was cooler and because it costs P.50 less than that of the GLiner bus.

Oct 14, 2012

Face Painting Fun!

Kids are so easy to please.  They will line for hours just to have their face, or hand painted, only to have it erased in a matter of hours! The fun is in lining up, choosing their design, and have their friends gawk at them while its painted. After that, they will check out each other's design and compare who has the best one!
 My daughter above had a hard time deciding what to get as she is not particularly fond of any cartoon character or flowers nor butterfly.  She settled for this cute bee on her hand.
 Danniel has a turtle stuff toy and this design was his first and only choice.
My niece Danica chose to have the same design as the girsl in front of her!
And my nephew Mico prefers Cars in everything so its no surprise that he wanted it.
My officemates daughter Elisha also had flowers painted on her face!
Since I was the one who had to line for more than an hour while my kids were running all over the place, I had my arm painted too! This is actually the black rose that I might get as a permanent tattoo and was just checking out how it will turn out.
And I loved it! Okay, maybe not as big as this but a smaller one! I had fun at the face painting booth too!

Oct 13, 2012

How Do People Go Through Life Without Sisters?

These are me and my sisters.  I am the middle child,Ate Dianne (in green) is the oldest, and Kris is the youngest.  These women helps make me better person.  
 Ate Dianne is the kindest, most accepting person you will ever find.  She will accept you for whatever you are and not pass judgment on your decisions or choices.
 I've watched my sister Kris grow from a youngster to the responsible young woman that she is today.  I am as proud as our mom, or maybe more, of her accomplishments!

I have two more sisters from another mother, my best friends Ehms and Rona. We have been together as friends since college and have remain great friends until now.  I wonder how people can go through life without sister when I know I can never be the person that I am now, without these wonderful, amazing women!

Oct 10, 2012

A Visit to the Rizal Park Children's Playground

After the company family day at Manila Ocean Park, we decided to go to the Rizal Park for a picnic. Since the family day provided free packed lunch, the food that we brought with us was perfect for a picnic.  We choose to go to the Rizal Park Children's Playground.  It is just along Taft Ave. in Gen. Luna Street, near that big map of the Philippines. Entrance to the park is P10, starting at kids aged 2.

The park is clean and well-maintained. I have a vague recollection of this park.  I think my parents brought us here when we were kids because the dinosaurs are familiar.  If I remember correctly, we go to the park from the Jai Alai building because my parents loved that game. Sadly, the Jai Alai building is now gone.
But I am so happy that this park survived and was just recently restored.
The volunteer students from the UP College of Fine Arts did a fine job indeed!
While we were there, there are huge signs saying not to lie on the grass and there was a guard on a bike patrolling the park.
There are no-smoking and no-littering signs and the park really appears to be well maintained. Well, except that the restrooms can be improved because I saw that one sink was clogged and there was no water in the faucet.
There are lots of huge statues! From this giant elephant, to tree houses to dinosaurs!
To huge turtles, rhinos and more! And they look so colorful, not scary at all.
These are all perfect spots for photo ops but the kids were busy with slides, see-saw and other stuff.
Can you see the LRT railway on this picture?
Look at those lovely dinosaurs!
And this giant shoe looks clean and well maintained.  I can still remember it being so dirty and reeking of urine!  Good thing they now charge a modest entrance fee.
An adorable rhino! Its a favorite photo spot too.
And there are table and chairs too, but I dont know if there is a fee for using them because ours was free but those are concrete table and chairs and not plastic shairs.
The fountain at the middle of the park.

The favorite slide! 4 of the kids here are my kids and niece and nephew, ha ha.
We call this guya in Batangas.  Its a small carabao.
And a camel wandered here too!
A breastfeeding carabao! How nice!
And if the these are any indication, the National Parks and Development Committee is doing a wonderful job because they put that priceless smiles on their faces.

(Oh, they are not smiling because I took this picture after I told them its time to leave!).  But no worries, we will come back soon and stay a bit longer :)

Oct 5, 2012

La Creperie is LOVE!

I seldom eat at dessert places but when I felt so bad and my friends at the office asked me if I wanted to join them, I didn't hesitate! I was feeling particularly sad because somebody made me feel bad but after eating at La Creperie, everything was right with the world! Below was my dinner: a burger, but man, it was a burger to love! The dressing was heavenly!

And the crepes, oh the crepes! I am salivating just thinking about it!  Good news, we shared. Bad news: we shared.  Ha ha, its because I could finish each of these crepe by myself!

But this is my favorite: Mango Hazelnut Au Chocolat! The highlight of my night, and now the crepe of my dreams!

Next time I have to feel good after a really bad day, just the sight of these crepes can make me feel instantly good!

Friday Quotes: Moving On

Oct 3, 2012

Vigan, I'll be back!

I was here last July and I want to come back! This was a t-shirt design on one of the many shirts being sold at lots of souvenir shops. But I have an upcoming travel this month to Boracay and I am so excited already!