Nov 29, 2012

I Wrote A Letter and I Like It

I wrote this letter to the local government of Quezon City after we visited the park last Sunday:

Hi, we are QC residents(Santol, QC) and frequent visitors at the QC Memorial Circle. It is our favorite park and my kids love it there. During our latest visit last Sunday, Nov 18 2012, we were happy to discover the latest addition to the park, the Tropical Garden and we are very, very happy with it.  It is such an oasis in the city, and the art installations are really wonderful!

However, here are some of my observations and I wish you can address them:
1. The children's playground is not well-maintained (sira-sira na yung mga palaruan) and some are even dangerous to kids. I hope maaayos especially  the swings and see-saw which the kids love.

2. Whatever happened to the playground where the museum is being constructed? Some of it are made by national artists, right? We love that old section of the park, especially the long slide and the stacked books. Sana ilipat sa ibang area ng park.

3. The smoking ban inside the park is not well-enforced.  I see some people smoking and I wish you would fine them to teach them a lesson. I even saw a media personality smoking beside his van, in front of the police, while they were covering the motorcycle event, and the guy who was manning the zipline!

4. The exercise area (the yellow steel ones) are in such a state. Delikado na sa mga bata, ang daming sira! Its nice pa naman to do some exercises while walking along that part of the park.

5. Can you please put up some faucets where we can wash our hands? There are paid rest rooms but what if maghuhugas ka lang ng kamay?

All in all, I applaud the efforts of the QC government to maintain this beautiful park and we will continue to support your  efforts.  I have written a lot about the park  at my blogs ( and (  Again, thank you and more power!

and I got this reply:

I wrote a letter, and I indeed I liked it.  We really should find ways to have our voices heard.

Describe Yourself

I just realize that "Describe Yourself", a staple question in most interviews, is such  a difficult question.  How do you describe yourself really.  I guess with friends, you don't need to describe yourself, its take it or leave it.  In job interviews, you try to sell yourself so you only say good things. So, how will they know the real you? And no, I don't know how to describe myself either. 

Nov 23, 2012

Remembering Tatay

This is my Tatay and tomorrow is his 24th death anniversary, the same day my son will be celebrating his 10th birthday.  If there is one thing that makes me sad, it is, that my father never did get to know his grand kids. And I know that he would love them to bits!

I wont forget you Tatay, and you will always be in my prayers!

Wish List # 1: Kindle 3G

Can somebody buy me this Kindle 3G already? Ha ha, was set to buy it myself but I have to save for that trip to Cambodia so this has to wait, again. Its only USD139 on Amazon.

Friday Quotes: Select Your Thoughts

Nov 20, 2012

PMT: Lessons from the Aman Future Group Scam

One article that is worth reading and sharing is Pinoy Money Talk's article entitled: "Lessons from the Aman Future Group Scam."  Please read it, and share so that everybody can be warned. Always remember, its its too good to be true, it probably is.

Nov 19, 2012

Me In Boracay!

Me, in one of the best beaches of the world, in Boracay Island, Philippines!
 Baked in the sun, walk, swim, ate and just had fun!  And I look it, can you see?
Come visit the Philippines, and see Boracay for yourself!

Boracay Tree

During our recent trip to Boracay last October, this tree caught my attention.  It is a dead coconut tree, but the hotel owner breathe life into it with this beautiful carving! It was really eye catching, what with all the yellow! Too bad my photographer(my husband) didn't get the full tree in this picture!

Nov 15, 2012

Pinoy Henyo

Christmas is just 41 days away so I guess we are all preparing (or for some like me, dreading) the Christmas parties, especially the presentations and games.  Of course, since Pinoy Henyo is now the pambansang laro ng Pilipinas, here is a funny one from our forwarded emails department:

Dalawang ngongo sa PINOY HENYO:
Ngongo #1: Nao ma to?
Ngongo #2: Hine!
Ngongo #1: Lungar?
Ngongo #2: Hine!
Ngongo #1: Mangay?
Ngongo #2: Mene!
Ngongo #1: Ngulay?
Ngongo #2: Hoho!
Ngongo #1: Ngulay? Hmmnn… manola?
Ngongo #2: Hinee!!!
Ngongo #1: Sinaw?
Ngongo #2: Hine! Hineee!!!
Ngongo #1: Nasa Mahay Umo ma to?
Ngongo #2: Wala! Ay! Hine!
Ngongo #1: Ngulay nalaga, ha?
Ngongo #2: Hoho! Hoho!
Ngongo #1: Ngalamasa?
Ngongo #2: Hinee!!!
Ngongo #1: Ngulay nga? Ngirap ngaman! Hmmnn… wala sa Mahay Ngumo? Amone?
Ngongo #2: Hineee!!!!
Ngongo #1: Ngami?
Ngongo #2: Hineee!!!
Ngongo #1: Ngang­ngong?
Ngongo #2: Hinee! Hineee!!!
Ngongo #1: Hanuuu?! Ahmm… metchay?
Ngongo #2: Hinee nga!!! Nuh ma yan?!
(Krrnggg!!! Time’s up! Ang sagot: DILAW)
Ngongo #1: Ngaasar naman! Sami mo, ngulay?
Ngongo #2: Hoho nga! Ngulay! NGULAY NILAW! Ang momo-momo mo! Momo!

Nov 14, 2012

Ang Paborito Kong Suman

Ito ang paborito kong suman sa buong mundo.  Naisulat ko na rin sa kabilang blog ko pano gumawa neto. Ang tawag namin sa Batangas dito ay sumang dapa.  Ang dami kasing klase ng suman duon e: malagkit, kamoteng kahoy, ube at iba iba pa.  Pero sa akin, basta suman, eto ang the best.  Kung di nga lang hihilahin ng tatay ko ang paa ko sa higaan mamayang gabi, sasabihin ko na kaya lang ako umuwi ng Batangas nung Undas ay para sa suman. Pero oo nga, bonus na magaling gumawa ng ganitong suman ang biyenan ng ate ko.  At sadyang gumagawa sila nito tuwing nauwi kami.  

Hindi naman ako lang ang umubos nyan.  Tinulungan din ako ng anak kong si Ishi at ng ate Dianne ko.  Pero kumuha pa kami, he he he.  Sarap!  Kung sana ay madaling lang gawin eto, di sana lagi kaming may suman pag may okasyon.  Pero siguro mas maganda na rin na hindi ako marunong gumawa nito, para I have something to look forward to pag-uwi ng Batangas.  Ay, kelan kaya ulit kami uuwi?

Gas is Love!

As this price board aptly says, gas is love! In tagalog, MAHAL ANG GAS!  Taken this morning at Total Gas station along Ortigas Avenue.  In fairness, gas is cheaper here than in Petron.

Nov 10, 2012

The Sad State of Our Streets

I took these two pictures while riding on a motorcycle with my husband on our way to San Mateo, Rizal.  It was traffic, and we were somewhere along Aurora Blvd, after Cubao.  Since I have my cellphone in hand, I took these pictures because I was lamenting the sad state of our streets. 
 See how the wires are falling in the middle of the street? It actually hit me and I was thinking if I would live if that was a liver wire! Cant we compel the power companies to do something about them?  They are a threat to life and property, really!
And just look how many poles this intersection has.  Can a specially-abled person on a wheel chair navigate this?  And I am sure each of us sees the sad state of our streets everyday and we cant help but think if our taxes are really working for us. Hayyyyyyyy!

Nov 6, 2012

Epal Watch #3

I took this photo In Tagaytay while I was on a bus going back to Manila from Batangas last November 2.  I have nothing against Mr. Manalo and I wish him well too in his birthday, but I just don't understand the need for this huge tarpaulin to greet him on his birthday.  The tarpaulin has the name of the mayor and I would guess his spouse, and of MMDA chair Francis Tolentino.  Can I wonder out loud who paid for this tarpaulin, and what does it serve the people of Tagaytay, and even Mr Manalo,  to have this plastered in the highway? If you are thinking what I am thinking, then, we are thinking the same thing (wink, wink), he he.

Nov 1, 2012

A Crack at Cracked Nails

Sometime ago, I was given a small token that include some nail care products and it was only the other day that I was able to try them on.  I put on cappucino nail polish and then the cracked nail polish, based on the instructions on the bottle.  And I took a photo and forgot about my nails because I was busy.  Then, when I went to work, my officemates saw my nails and said 'gosh, what is that? ha ha ha! Yes, they thought it was gross and looked like it was painted over by a kid, using a permanent marker almost out of ink! Yes, that bad.  So maybe cracked nails is not for me? Hmmm, must try nail art soon :)