Jan 16, 2013

Zumba and my Bubble Gum diet

My earlier post showed how I gained weight, and I did, lots of it! Since I have travels scheduled this month and the next, I am now (and again!) on a strict diet! I wanted to start running again, but this super cold weather makes it humanly impossible to get up and run in the morning! I tried and failed, for a week now.  Good thing our Zumba class at the office started again last night! Its only P600 and will cover 7 sessions, once a week.  Its not bad as our instructor is so good, we almost died last night! And to lose more weight, I also started my bubble gum diet yesterday.  Since I have no problem with eating small portions, and just have trouble with getting bored and looking for something to munch on, I bought a pack of gum and started chewing to ease the craving! Its working, and drinking lots of water helps.  For lunch, I will have bananas, crackers and warm water.  Hope I survive, and from an obese me, I will let you know by Tuesday how much weight I will manage to lose! Good luck to me!

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