Mar 25, 2013

When I am On A Diet

Dapat Tama: Medal for Academic Excellence

My son was awarded two medals for for academic excellence.  One is from the school and another is from Councilor Vincent Belmonte.  The councilor is always a fixture at their school during the graduation season because he is an alumni.  He graduated high school from this school and whether its election season or not, he is here to grace the occasion.  Now, how do I feel about this medal? For me, it doesn't matter.  Whether he was given one medal or two medals does not matter to me because what I am after is the recognition that was given to my son for his excellence.  The fact that his name was posted for the whole school to see, his name was called during recognition day and he stood with all the other awardees, that is enough for me.  It doesn't matter whether a medal or a certificate was given to him.  The most important thing is he knows he did good, and we love him.  No amount of medal from any politician, running for office or not, will add or diminish to the pride that I feel for my son's success. Now, why #dapattama? Do I think its okay or not for a candidate running for office to be giving this away, where his name is more prominent that the embossed words 'award for excellence' ? Yes, I feel this is not right and the money used to buy these medals would have been a lot useful if he donated books to the school. But that's just me. Maybe other parents feel differently.

Mar 21, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: Souvenir Shopping

I almost forgot to write about the fact that you can buy souvenir items from stores near each of the places that we went to on our Camiguin Day Tour.  The picture below as taken near the Katibawasan Falls where several stores sell t-shirts and bags. Of course, even though it was not in season, lansones where sold outside of the Guiob Church Ruins, and even near Pabua's Cottages.
This is just one of the shirts being sold at the the one of the stalls. While they are not as cheap as those in Boracay which sells for P75 each, at P100 and with nicer quality, its already a steal!
Fruits are also great as pasalubong as it was so cheap in Camiguin.  But make sure that you have enough baggage allowance for all the fruits that you will buy otherwise, you will end up paying for more, ha ha ha.

Mar 20, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: J&A Fishpen Resort and Restaurant

Last stop of our Camiguin day tour was a visit to J&A Fishpen Resort and Restaurant.  Its just a few minutes away from Port Benoni so we had our lunch here already. Since we didnt go to Mantigue Island anymore  because it was hot, Kuya Criz said we can take a shower here for a fee.
The place is okay.  It was clean and we felt sleepy despite our hunger, he he.

We wanted to stay at the hut below for our lunch but there is I think a P100 charge for its use so we decided not to eat here. Kuripot lang ang peg.

My husband was thinking very hard if he would fish (actually we were so hungry we dont think we can wait for him to catch anything!) So we just decided to order off the menu, he he.
We just watched below as huge fish swam around. 
After showering(P35 i think), our lunch arrived.
So small! 
Not fresh!!! 
The Best! 
Sinigang ba ito?

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I will give our lunch a 5 because of the eggplant salad.  If we were not hungry, I would have given it a 4.  But the buko juice and Kuya Criz solicitousness made up for the not so stellar lunch. I dont know if its because of what we ordered, but I was generally not too happy with them.

Next post will be about our White water rafting and Ziplining adventure! Woohooo!

Mar 16, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: Giant Clams Sanctuary

The second to the last stop of our Camiguin day tour was a quick visit to the Giant Clam Sanctuary.  The place was so peaceful that we all wanted to nap by the beach!  The sound of the waves were lulling us to sleep.  Anyway, we were here to see the giant clams.
Some of the clams and marine life destroyed by the typhoon.

There were lots of activities to do in the sanctuary but we only did the area tour at the clams lab.  It was hot and the waves look strong and we were not great swimmers anyway so we didn't go out to snorkel or dive.
This is the clam's laboratory are filled with clams big and small.
Small live clams.
And huge ones!  Those that are on the sea are much bigger according to our guide.
Some of the clams that already died.
Posing one more time before leaving.
Last post for the Camiguin Day tour as our stop at J&A Fishpen for lunch and for taking a bath.  We decided not to go to Mantigue Island anymore because we didnt want to be on the beach in that heat (it was almost 11am). 

Mar 12, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: Ostrich Farm

After that short visit to Katibawasan Falls on the second day of our Camiguin day tour, we went for a short visit to the Ostrich Farm. Entrance fee is only P5.  Our friend Rodney asked a lot of questions and we found out that they only breed and they do not sell them as meat or other by products.
Unfortunately, we saw less than 10 ostrich in the farm. 
 But we had a chance to take our photos with them. There were also other animals like pigs and ducks but since it was an Ostrich farm, I was hoping to see maybe more than what we saw, and maybe in various stages of development.

Mar 11, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: Katibawasan Falls

After the visit to the Mt Hibok Hibok observatory, we continued with our day tour to Katibawasan Falls. We had a taste of Kiping too before going to the falls. Entrance to the falls was only P15.  It was very beautiful, I kid you not! I said a prayer to thank the Lord for making me see this wonderful sight!
Too bad my camera cannot capture its beauty! It was really overwhelming.  When I see nature at its best, I really cant help but say a prayer of thanks.
 The majestic falls behind me.  Unfortunately, the water was too cold for us to take a dip. But the water was so clear and fresh!
The water flows down to a much shallow portion but we still couldn't take a dip because it was freezing, ha ha ha. Too bad we didn't take a dip as it was our last chance to get in water.
One more shot at t he beautiful Katibawasan Falls! 
Next stop of our tour was the Ostrich Farm.

Mar 10, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: Mt Hibok Hibok Observatory

After the going to White Island, we had a quick breakfast of cup noodles and crackers at the sari-sari store just outside Pabua's.  We also checked out from the room, and then went to our next destination: the Mt Hibok Hibok Observatory.  Since Camiguin is an island born out of fire, there are indeed lots of volcanoes in the Island, hence the observatory.

There are lots to learn at the observatory.  There are images of latest eruptions from all over the country.

My friend Ehms, intensely studying the materials. Intensely daw o!

Me too! I was asking the guy if the volcano is active, and thankfully, no unusual activity was being monitored. 
The volcanoes at Camiguin, and the places of interest too!

After the visit to the observatory, our next stop was Katibawasan Falls.

Mar 9, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: White Island, Camiguin

Day 2 of our Camiguin Day Tour was sunrise at White Island. Our boatman knocked at our cottage at 6am and told us to meet him at the shore which was just less than 5 minutes walk away from Pabua's . Of course, we arrived a little before 7am and totally missed the sunrise. The boat ride was P400 and we gave P200 tip to the boatmen.
That yellow boat is our ride. Mt. Hibok Hibok can be seen on the background.

Lots of perfect spot for picture taking.  The enclosed area on our right is part of Paras Beach Resort.
Ready to take a boat ride to the island.
A perfect white sand bar. So peaceful! We were the only people there!

My husband and I, enjoying the beautiful view.

The requisite jump shot (which took forever for my husband to capture!).

The souvenir shot that I was in Camiguin in January 2013.

Sea urchins being sold at P10 each.

My husband and Rona's husband enjoying the sea urchins. The vendor even gave them rice.

The happy bunch of travelers!