Mar 1, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: Ardent Hot Spring

After the whole afternoon of touring Camiguin, we deserve a much needed break.  And that break was what we had at Ardent Hot Spring.  To our tired bodies, the 39-40 degrees warm water was enough to soothe our tired bodies.
There were several large pools but we went to the top most small pool to just sit and lounge and talk.  It was a perfect time to cap a whirlwind of activity that we had during the day.
 This is the big pool where the water from where we were goes.  There were only a handful of tourists like us who were enjoying the hot spring from Mt. Hibok Hibok.  We actually searched the pool for places where the hot water and and steam were coming from.
 Just look at our happy smiles while wading and sitting on the warm water.  It was heaven.
Next stop was dinner and a peek at Pabua's Cottages.

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