Mar 4, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: Dinner in Camiguin

After our Camiguin Day Tour on our Day 1 in Mindanao, and since we did not have any proper lunch, we were all excited for dinner.  Before going to Ardent Spring and per the advise of Kuya Criz, we pre-ordered dinner so that it will be ready when we get back in an hour and a half. Unfortunately, I cant remember the name of the restaurant! Anyway, below are the food that we ordered.  Yes, we had rice, lots of them!
The appetizer, the cucumber salad was really good.  The vinegar was tasted really nice and it was little spicy too.
This is a sorry picture of a sorry fried chicken.  It was small and didn't taste good at all.  It was cut up in small pieces too.
This pansit is good, but not that good.  For hungry and tired people like us, it was okay.  But I think the pansit canton we had for lunch was much better.
This sinigang was okay, except when my friend Rona said it was not beef, but cara-beef. But it was tender and the soup just right.
Our hunger was satiated but we were still waiting for a great meal!

Next stop, Pabua's Cottage.

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