Mar 16, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: Giant Clams Sanctuary

The second to the last stop of our Camiguin day tour was a quick visit to the Giant Clam Sanctuary.  The place was so peaceful that we all wanted to nap by the beach!  The sound of the waves were lulling us to sleep.  Anyway, we were here to see the giant clams.
Some of the clams and marine life destroyed by the typhoon.

There were lots of activities to do in the sanctuary but we only did the area tour at the clams lab.  It was hot and the waves look strong and we were not great swimmers anyway so we didn't go out to snorkel or dive.
This is the clam's laboratory are filled with clams big and small.
Small live clams.
And huge ones!  Those that are on the sea are much bigger according to our guide.
Some of the clams that already died.
Posing one more time before leaving.
Last post for the Camiguin Day tour as our stop at J&A Fishpen for lunch and for taking a bath.  We decided not to go to Mantigue Island anymore because we didnt want to be on the beach in that heat (it was almost 11am). 

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