Mar 10, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour: Mt Hibok Hibok Observatory

After the going to White Island, we had a quick breakfast of cup noodles and crackers at the sari-sari store just outside Pabua's.  We also checked out from the room, and then went to our next destination: the Mt Hibok Hibok Observatory.  Since Camiguin is an island born out of fire, there are indeed lots of volcanoes in the Island, hence the observatory.

There are lots to learn at the observatory.  There are images of latest eruptions from all over the country.

My friend Ehms, intensely studying the materials. Intensely daw o!

Me too! I was asking the guy if the volcano is active, and thankfully, no unusual activity was being monitored. 
The volcanoes at Camiguin, and the places of interest too!

After the visit to the observatory, our next stop was Katibawasan Falls.

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