Mar 25, 2013

Dapat Tama: Medal for Academic Excellence

My son was awarded two medals for for academic excellence.  One is from the school and another is from Councilor Vincent Belmonte.  The councilor is always a fixture at their school during the graduation season because he is an alumni.  He graduated high school from this school and whether its election season or not, he is here to grace the occasion.  Now, how do I feel about this medal? For me, it doesn't matter.  Whether he was given one medal or two medals does not matter to me because what I am after is the recognition that was given to my son for his excellence.  The fact that his name was posted for the whole school to see, his name was called during recognition day and he stood with all the other awardees, that is enough for me.  It doesn't matter whether a medal or a certificate was given to him.  The most important thing is he knows he did good, and we love him.  No amount of medal from any politician, running for office or not, will add or diminish to the pride that I feel for my son's success. Now, why #dapattama? Do I think its okay or not for a candidate running for office to be giving this away, where his name is more prominent that the embossed words 'award for excellence' ? Yes, I feel this is not right and the money used to buy these medals would have been a lot useful if he donated books to the school. But that's just me. Maybe other parents feel differently.

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