Mar 5, 2013

Dapat Tama: My Vote

I was on my work to work, riding on a jeepney when the sticker at the back of the driver's seat caught my eye.  It is a campaign sticker of JV Ejercito Estratda who is running for senator.  And behind him is the image of his father.  This got me thinking, why should I vote for this guy?
As of this writing, I can't find one single reason why I should.  Underneath his name, its says, "Ginhawa ng Bayan, Like Ko Yun" and it pissed me off. So he likes for us to be prosperous, but what has he done so far?  San Juan dont look all that prosperous to me with their squatters, uncollected garbage, potholed streets and  flooding come the rainy seasons. And you know what, other than help his cause, for me that image of his father behind me even makes me think of voting for him less.  As though his being the son of Erap is a reason enough for us to vote for him.  Of course, this is just my personal opinion and I would love to hear why I should vote for him.  But as of now, I know I won't.
Would you? Why? I think I would be putting up more of these posts soon.

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