Apr 29, 2013

How to Purchase Hydroponics Supplies

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Apr 25, 2013


On my way home yesterday, I saw a group of men putting up campaign materials on the street. I am not sure who their candidate is because I didn't see whose face they are putting up, but I had to take pictures when I saw these two campaign materials. They saw me taking pictures, and one even shouted something I didn't quite hear. Good thing my camera is in my bag. 

This poster of Jessica Daza was propped at the top of the street marker. This is in Puray Street, in Santol, QC.
This one below is of Dante Lagman, pinned on a coconut tree. Kawawang puno. Still along Puray Street.
According to this news article from Sunstar:

All candidates are also mandated not to place posters in areas outside the common poster areas that were pre-identified by the local election officers in cities and municipalities, such as plazas, markets, and barangay centers.

They are, on the other hand, barred from placing campaign materials in trees, flowering plants, shrubs located along public roads, in plazas, parks, school premises or in any other public grounds as well as posts, the wall of a building or an existing public structure that is in active use.

You be the judge if they made any violations. #DapatTama. 

Apr 23, 2013

Those Election T-Shirts

I took this picture last Sunday before the gun start at the Run with the PBA fans.  The guys in front were wearing yellow shirts with the words Angara For Senator, instead of the singlet for the race.  Well, I don't think there is any law that prohibits people from wearing those shirts and if they are supporters, its a good way to reach people.  There are lots of people on race days and they did their candidate a good service.  But why did it caught my attention? Because they were the only ones wearing those shirts.  The guy in blue beside them in was wearing a Barangay Ginebra shirt, which was okay since it was a PBA fan run. Oh well, is it just me who notices these things and don't feel quite right about it? Hmm.

Apr 18, 2013

Dove Real Beauty Scketches: You Are Beautiful

Saw this on my Facebook wall and thought to share it here. We are all indeed beautiful!

Apr 17, 2013

I Am Now a C Traveler!

My Lakbayan grade is C!How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!
Created by Eugene Villar.

This is just an update of the post on How Much of the Philippines Have You Visited I did way back in November 2010, when I was then a C- traveler.  Since then, I have added Cebu, Cagayan, Camiguin, Ilocos Norte, Bukidnon, Tarlac in the places that I have visited. Hope to make it into a B soon!

Apr 12, 2013

PBA Splash Art Exhibit by Janddie Castillo

My husband Noel, who is a certifiable Ginebra fan was so happy when he dropped by Robinsons Galleria mall yesterday because of the Splash Art of Janddie Castillo.
Of course, he only wanted to pose at the photos from his team!  
 I don't even know who this guy is! My fascination for Ginebra, and everything PBA ended when the 'half-Pinoys' entered and dominated the league. Of course, that does not faze my husband who really loves the game!
See, he really checked each and every portrait.  I guess he was satisfied. When he saw how much the painting was, he said if he could afford it, he just might buy one.  Um, good thing we can't afford it? 
And he signed the guest board, to show his appreciation for the artist.  He really did enjoyed it! He is such a fan! 

Bible Quotes Daily

Dong Juan At Centrio Mall, Cagayan De Oro City

On our last day in Cagayan De Oro, we were not able to go to Iligan City to visit Maria Cristina Falls as originally planned.  Negotiations with the driver of the van we were hiring to take us there fell through so we decided to just mall hop.  Our first stop was the Centrio Mall and man, it was beautiful.  The Ayalas really know how to make their malls! Just look at that tree in the background, where there is also a playground for the kids.  I wish SM will make malls like that and not just ugly boxes! Anyway, we decided to have lunch here and we tried Dong Juan.
My husband ordered the fish and chips.  It was too oily for my taste though, but the fries were great! 
My friend Rona ordered the baby back ribs and they were really tender and good.  It doesnt look like it in the picture, but the serving was quite generous. 
My friend Ehms ordered this sisig and it was really good too. Excuse the blurry image as I was already hungry, ha ha. 
 My husband had this strawberry drink and it was just perfect.  It was sweet and there were huge strawberries to much on too.
I ordered this burger steak and man, it was really really good. Shhhh, but I finished one and half rice with it!
Rona's husband tried this pasta and he said it was great too. I am not that too fond of pasta so I just took their word for it.
And I forgot what this drink as called but Rona said it was great too.
The happy bunch of meaters happy at Dong Juan!
After the delicious meal, we also went to Limketkai Mall but its so old and there was no power.  The mall looks like the old Harrizon Plaza in Malate.  We were lucky though to find a stall to have our Rafting CD copied.  Then we left and went to Divisoria street to buy fruits as pasalubong. If you are wondering where the pastels are, we passed by their store after our rafting adventure and we bought lots of boxes but I forgot to take photos, hu hu hu. My kids loved the pastel so much they wanted me to go back, ha ha ha.

Friday Quotes: God Knows My Heart!

Apr 11, 2013

Victoria Suites, Cagayan De Oro

We stayed at Victoria Suites in Cagayan de Oro for the nights that we were there.  The hotel is located very near Divisoria Street so we enjoyed its proximity to the night market. Our room was good for 5 people and we paid P1,500 per night. Those are the pros.
And here are the cons: the room was big enough for 5 of us, but the aircon was not enough for the room.  It was hot.  The wifi signal in the room was weak too. The rest room looks very old.
This is the extra bed for the 5th person. It was okay, but the area where her bed was too far away from the aircon so it was hot.
The lobby was small but looks okay though.
And this is the breakfast.  And since the room only had 2 breakfasts free, we paid P99 each for that plate. Look at the serving size of that egg.  Its not even one egg per person.  Its like 2 eggs for 4 person since it was quartered!
So, how do I rate Victoria Suites, with 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest I will give it a 2.5 score because its very near the night market and because its cheap, ha ha. You really get what you pay for.

Apr 10, 2013

Cagayan De Oro-Camiguin-Bulidnon Trip: Estimated Travel Expenses

This was our estimated travel expenses for our group of 5. Note that we were not able to go to Iligan on the last day, but we instead went to Centrio Mall and Limketkai mall to have lunch and buy more pasalubong so the P5,300 per person is the right around the mark, excluding food.

Divisoria Night Market, Cagayan De Oro

After our Camiguin Day tour, we got back in Cagayan De Oro in time to enjoy the Divisoria Night Market. We were also able to explore the night market after our white water rafting and  zipline adventure.  This is indeed a great part of our 4D3N itinerary in Mindanao.

After taking some pictures at the monuments there and having dinner at Chowking, we settled to rest our feet with some cheap massage. I didnt feel like having a massage so I just ended up reading the inscriptions at the numerous monuments.
There are lots of therapists in the plaza offering this service. You can have a body massage for P75 and a foot massage for P50.
My husband was in heaven because his feet were so tired after a day and a half of adventure in Camiguin. He loves his massage! And it was so cheap too!
The following Friday night that we were in the night market, the plaza was closed and the place was full!  
There were lots of food stalls and tables and there was even a live band playing.  We had dinner at one of the stalls here to celebrate our friends birthday. 
After dinner, we left the guys to nurse their beers and check out the Ukay-ukay market.  There were so many stalss selling cheap second wares such as jackets, bags and clothes, and even curtains and bed covers. 
We also enjoyed the fruits sold at low prices, way cheaper than in Manila! I think I finished almost a kilo of Mangosteen.
 I even bought and brought some home, which was why we had to pay for excess baggage at the airport.
Next time you go to Cagayan de Oro, make sure to schedule it on a weekend because the night market is on Friday and Saturday night. We were lucky to be able to be there on a Friday and our hotel was just in the area. There are really cheap and great finds, and great food too!

Apr 8, 2013

We Conquered Asia's Longest Zipline!

Part of our package with Red Rafts was the All-Rides Zipline at Dahilayan Nature Adventure Park in Bukidnon.   We were excited, but we still made a few stops along the way in Bukidnon. It was hot when we left Cagayan De Oro, but it was raining when we reached Bukidnon.  But no amount of rain can stop us from this once in a lifetime adventure! So we suited up!
This is the happy and nervous bunch, all suited up.  The All rides package consist of the 150m, 320m and Asia's longest, the 840m.  Yes, we were nervous. But I am sure it didn't show!
We rode this truck going up to the zipline. It was raining and it was foggy. 

 The first ride was the 150m.  It was a very short ride, just enough to whet our fears, I meant our appetite for the sipline, ha ha ha.  At the landing of the 150m is the take-off for the 320m. It was scary and fun. Okay, more fun than scary, really!

Then we were again loaded on the truck and driven up to the take off point for the 840m zipline. We were suited up and we read the list, or at least, we posed for pictures.
 Posing at the launch tower of the Zip Zone with an elevation of 4,500 ASL! Now that is high!
My husband, ready to take off.  Since it was a buddy zip, I was right beside him.  Oh, and by the way, I was able to take a video.  I had may camera on my hand the whole time, with the crew putting it around my fingers the right way. I will post the videos after. 

So how was the zip ride? Let us just say that you are already done shouting your head off and yet the ride is not yet done so you have no choice but to enjoy yourself while still very much scared! The adrenaline rush was amazing! That's my husband on the foreground and me on the background.

My official picture at the landing area. So sad that Manong crew was in the photo.  Since it was foggy, the crew said their camera was not able to take any long shots. But I love it anyway.

And the certification that we did conquered Asia's Longest Zipline!

And I will post the video in the next post!