Apr 3, 2013

Cagayan De Oro White Water Rafting Adventure

The White Water Rafting adventure at the Cagayan De Oro river was one of the highlights of this 4D3N CDO trip last January.  Before the trip, I already made us a booking at Red Rafts at P2,350 per pax for a group of 5, including the Zipline adventure in Dahilayan. At 7am, we were picked up by this jeepney in front of our hotel.
 We traveled for maybe 30 minutes or more to the drop off point where we were given the orientation on what to expect during the rafting.  We listened attentively, actually scared for our lives. I was nervous but I didn't want my husband and my friends to know, ha ha ha.

It was a perfect day for a river adventure: the sky was a little cloudy so we were not going to be under the heat of the sun the whole morning.  The guides also warned us about putting too much sun block on our faces as once the water gets to our face, the sunblock will get to our eyes and will sting! And it did, ha ha ha. 
The package that we got was for the advanced course of 21 rapids, and IT WAS FUN! It was exciting, exhilarating  scary and liberating!  When you have conquered your fears, it is really game changing! We want more!
Did I say it was fun? And crazy? Our guides were the best! They are so funny and they were enjoying themselves watching us enjoy ourselves! I couldn't ask for more better guides! 

Of course, we had to have a little more than fun! We wanted excitement too. So our raft "capsized" and we all experienced a little fear! (a little daw oh! I was under that raft for a few seconds, willing myself not to panic). 
But our guides had everything in control and had us all out in less than a minute. But my husband was the last one they managed to pull from under the raft. Again, we chose to capsize our raft.  Your guide will ask you if you want it or not.
One extra small waterfall! 
 Oh, and what would life be if you cannot let it all go and jump on a river? It would be very sad indeed.  And I am so glad that we were able to experience this and know that we have conquered our fears!
Did I mention that we had fun. Yeah, we really, really did. 

Of course, after all that excitement, we needed something to fuel us for the next adventure. Part of our package from Red Rafts was the lunch for the group.  This was the only disappointing part of the package actually as we were expecting a little more food. It was actually enough for the group but my friend who got their package from Red Rafts said that their lunch was cooked there, and not packed like ours.  The guides said that their hut was destroyed by Typhoon Pablo so they are just renting for the moment, hence the packed lunch.
 The happy group.  It was indeed a wonderful experience, one that me and my friends will cherish, and we might do it again too!

And after the white water rafting adventure, next stop was the All Rides in Dahilayan Bukidnon. 

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