May 31, 2013

Summer is Not Yet Over!

Officially according to PAG-ASA, summer is not yet over.  But it has been raining almost daily, and days and nights are getting considerably cooler.  So, summer is almost at and end! But to show my defiance and protest, I just had this Ministop Vanilla ice cream (P18) topped with Kirkland's Milk Chocolate with Almonds.  And yep, my protest was heard and duly noted by my office mates who also had ice cream, ha ha ha! 

May 27, 2013

Happy Monday!

Something to think about on this wonderful day of Monday at work! Hahaha. So, vacation leave, anyone?

May 21, 2013

Ishi's 9th Birthday!

Last May 6 was Ishi's 9th birthday and despite just coming back from Batangas the midnight before, we decided to skip work, head to a nearby swimming pool and just have a simple celebration for her birthday.
I made spaghetti and fried chicken, and we had Bangus and Tilapi and hotdog for grilling.  We also had corn for grilling and some bread and lots of chips.  We were at the Mark and Kitty Resort at 12nn and immediately had our lunch before taking a dip.

The inihaw na mais was a hit!

My kids had the pool for themsleves, it being a Monday. So they were free to jump and play tag on the water!
And the whole family jumped in!  It was a simple and yet fun filled day to celebrate Ishi's birthday.
Happy Birthday my baby!

May 12, 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin Fun All The Time

If I were to have my own movie, I will be like any of the roles Vin Diesel played: strong and muscular, and yet tender-hearted and willing to die for the people he love.  My movie will be action-packed, set in the streets of Manila (like Bourne Legacy) so I can also showcase our country.  I will have a nemesis, my best friend who I grew up with and who became a soldier just like me.  We parted ways because  he was tempted by the money being offered by a syndicate wanting to kidnap a rich girl and finally he joined in.  I became head of the group who was to rescue the girl.  Everybody but the girl and me was able to escape and we fell in love.  In the final scene between me and my former best friend, he had  change of heart and decided to sacrifice himself rather than get me killed. Then I live happily ever after with my girl and we name our first child after my best friend!  You may notice that my movie is very formulaic: guy and best friend became enemies, guy gets the girl, bad guy became good and then the happy ending.  But hey, I should get the girl in the end and my friend must redeem himself in the end so that its a happy ending movie despite the action! Anyway, I am sure you will enjoy my movie especially if you keep on poppin Kettle Korn while watching,  Nothing makes movie watching more fun than poppin Kettle Korn the whole time!
Check out their Facebook page too!

May 7, 2013

A Kalye Ni Juan Affair

 To celebrate a good friend's birthday and to see each other again after we went our separate buildings, we had lunch at one of our favorite lunch places, Kalye Juan in Robinsons Galleria. The celebrant is the lady at the left, who just turned 19! Ha ha ha.
Our food choices are the best that Kalye Juan has to offer, and are mostly great Filipino dishes. below is the sisig.  Yummy! I wish we could have paired it with beer, he he.
The bagoong rice below is already good on its own. Shhh, but we had 3 servings I think!
We also had two orders of their Sinigang Sa Miso.

And the Pakbet of course. Yes, it is as good as it looks!

The porkchop is good too, but we needed some more to make a fair judgment, he he.

Oh, and don't forget the birthday cake! We bought it from Red Ribbon. Sadly, Kalye ni Juan do not give any freebies for birthday celebrations.
Anyway, it was a great lunch, with great friends and great conversation. And with good food at such reasonable prices, it was a very unforgettable affair!