Jun 25, 2013

Blue Carabao Diner, Davao City

One of our friends who was with us in our recent Davao trip (who was doing a paper on carabao meat) told us that we have to visit this place and check out what the fuzz is all about, so we did. I had some apprehensions that they may be serving only carabao meat, and that I will not enjoy.  But I was assured that they do serve other dishes too.
 The diner is located in Alvarez St in Davao City, near Magsaysay fruit stand and Chinatown.
This is Pochero, somewhat like the Tagalog nilaga, but with carabao meat, instead of beef (but they have that as well).  I tried a few bites, and found it to be good.  The meat was really tender and soft! Unfortunately, this is the only carabao dish that they serve, much to the dismay of our friend who was hoping to try other dishes.
And the adobo looks so good I had to try it too!
These beans look so fresh and crunchy so I had one as well! 
And these vegetable salad, or Lato, they looked so good, I had to try them too.  I have never eaten these before but I totally loved them! Cruncy and fresh, and spicy at the same time.  A real winner! 
And the best part, aside from the food being so good? It is so cheap! All of the dishes have, plus 3 orders of rice, only comes out to P181.00! Really best value for money!
The happy couple, looking so hungry, ha ha ha!

Jun 17, 2013

Ely Buendia is the Man!

June 12 was a great day for me.  I won free tickets to watch Man of Steel, thanks to Nuffnang and Wacoal, and I get to go to Resorts World for free, thanks to their free shuttle.  Then we get to see the PUP Banda Kawayan perform, and the man himself, Ely Buendia! He was performing for the Independence Day celebration at Resorts World.
The music of Eraserheads was the music of college days.  I sang it, and cry on it, and laugh on it.  And I am admittedly, a fan until now.  I was even there during the (first) reunion concert!
 So it was indeed a happy independence day when I saw Ely on stage and I had time to listen to two songs before i had to be physically dragged to the movie screening!

PUP's Banda Kawayan

These pictures do not do the Banda Kawayan, and I apologize as I was only using my crappy Blackberry! The Banda Kawayan was the opening act at the Independence Day celebration at Resorts World yesterday, where Ely Buendia was scheduled to perform.  We were there for the screening of Man of Steel, but I stood for an hour listening to the sweet music from the Banda Kawayan!

Truly, a unique band that showcases the creativity and musicality of the Filipino!

Jun 5, 2013

When Your Friends Cook (aka Their Moms Did!)

Last Sunday, we went for our annual swimming party at our friend Rona's place in Somerset Place in Pasig.  It was a potluck affair, and below are just some of the food that we bring.  My friends and I cook, but our moms cook wayyyyy better!
The pansit above was from Ehms.  It was served as merienda, and it was good.  Ha ha ha, yep, she said she cooked it. Yah right. 
And above is Rona's adobo.  Her mom made it too because she was with us at the pool the whole time, and her mom was at home cooking!  
And this is my mom's chicken curry, the most requested dish of the night!  We all know how to cook these dishes by the way. But again, our moms cook a lot better!

Happiness is...

Jun 4, 2013

Iceberg's Famous Sisig

Iceberg's Sisig
I have always thought that they only serve ice cream and dessert at Icebergs. Then one afternoon, I overheard my office raving about the sisig and the porkchop at Icebergs and I asked, if it was the ice cream place and they said yes, they serve the best sisig, pork chop and lechong kawali. So off we go one afternoon, and guess what it does not disappoint! The sisig was crunchy and crisp in all the right places!  I think I will have to re-think Sisig Hooray as my standard for all things sisig.

Jun 1, 2013

Pinoy Fiesta: Calatagan, Batangas Style

May is the season of Fiesta's in the Philippines because it is traditionally harvest time, and a time to give thanks to patron saints for a bountiful harvest. So we went to Calatagan in Batangas for their fiesta, as my sister's husband have relatives there.  And what a bountiful Fiesta celebration it was!
My whole family enjoying the delicious fare!
And to cap off the celebration, the band and majorettes had some dance moves prepared for us!

The whole band had their lunch with us after three songs and some fun dance moves.  What a great way to celebrate a bountiful thanksgiving!