Jul 12, 2013

Dad's Crossover Buffet Deal from Metrodeal

We paid P549 for the discounted Metrodeal voucher to avail of Dad's Crossover Buffet. And it was okay.  The food was okay, as always, but really nothing extraordinary like the steak in Crowne Plaza or the baked goodies as Wildflour. We went home (ay back to the office pala) filled up to our throats though, hahaha! Apologies again for the crappy Blackberry photos. 
Plate No. 1: Filipino Dishes
The lechon was good, as well as the Adobong Balut.  But the lumpia was nothing to write home about.
Plate No.2: Chinese and BBQ's
The tempura was okay but I had to take out some breading. The rest was okay but nothing extraordinary too.
Plate 3: Roast and steak
The roasted turkey was okay as well as the rest of the food on my third plate.  By this time, we were so full already that the desserts held not much interest except for the ice cream.  You can always have room for ice cream :)

All in all, the experience was fun, but not something that you would enjoy doing always.  A once a month or once a quarter visit is recommended so that you will never get tired of the food :)

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