Jul 10, 2013

Wildflour Cafe+Bakery, Podium

Last week, because Heat won versus Lakers (or was it the other way around?) we were treated to lunch in Podium. We had a hearty lunch at Brazas, but due to my bad allergies, I didn't enjoy it very much.  But what I did enjoy was our dessert at Wildflour.  Oh men, talk about orgasmic, hahaha!  Apologies for the photo as I was using my crappy Blackberry, and obviously an injustice has been done to these pictures. But suffice it to say that they taste 100x better than they look in these photos.
The crust in the pie was just heavenly!
 Way better than Cinnabon! Just look at the generous toppings of nuts on this one.
croissant of some sort
 Mmmmmmm, melts in your mouth!
chocolate cake
Oh and the chocolate cake was simply divine.  And this one was my favorite.  I wanted to buy some Chewy but I was so full by this time, walking was already a chore.  We will soon come back for more sinfully delicious goodies!

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