Aug 12, 2013

The right to anger

The right to anger

I Miss Running!

I miss running! These are just some of the fun runs I joined early this year, before I went ahead and enroll on Sunday classes. And despite going to the gym and running 5KM daily, its still different when you are out there and having fun with your friends.  I miss running! Hope to get to join one again soon!

Aug 6, 2013

Tapsi ni Vivian, Marikina City

We went to a wake one Friday night, and as Filipino customs go, we had to stop someplace before heading home.  And we were hungry because of the traffic, and we were craving for some Pinoy food.  We ended up at Tapsi ni Vivian in Marikina as one friend said their tapsilog was really good.  And you know what, it was indeed good! The tapa was just right, tender and tasty.  The bulalo on the other hand was just okay, not exemplary.  The soup was great, but there was too little meat on the bones (eh, bulalo nga e, hahaha). Anyway, I have to tell my husband that we should eat here sometime.

Tapsi ni Vivian is located at Gil Fernandez Ave, Marikina, near Sta Lucia Mall.

An Accident Waiting To Happen?

an accident waiting to happen?

I took this photo from the 44th floor of the building where I am working.  It shows what appears to be a prefabricated wall hanging on a crane right above a parking area full of cars! I saw this initially posted on the Facebook wall of one of the bosses in my building last July 30, where it was in their full view while they were having a meeting.  And after almost a week, it is still there. Is it a concrete wall hanging over a parking lot full of cars or is it a Styrofoam of some sort just hanging harmlessly there? I hope to God its the latter!