Sep 30, 2013

Little Store On the Hill

The best Chinese lumpia I have ever had! That is how I would describe the lumpia from Little Store in San Juan.  I was able to try it first when my chinese friend in the office asked us if we wanted to order.  It is her usual food at the office where she keeps maybe 4 pieces frozen in our freezer.  She would just heat it up for lunch.  So I was curious, and I ordered 2, and I was hooked! Since then, we would always beg her to go there and buy for us, hahaha!
So last week, my husband and I went to Little Baguio and to look for the store.  It is a quaint little store, with a grocery in front, and the simple dining area tucked inside.  Of course, I ordered the lumpia and made my husband try it too! He was immediately a lumpia-convert, hahaha! We also ordered this Maki soup, and I ordered 2 more lumpias to go.  The lumpia costs only P85, and since it was near their 8pm closing time, we got a 20% discount! Not bad, huh! We will go back and try their other dishes, that's for sure!

Little Store on the Hill is located at Little Baguio in San Juan.

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