Oct 22, 2013

Philippine Barangay Election

The barangay election is scheduled this coming October 28, and the campaign is now in full swing.  When I bought our early morning pandesal, I was surprised to see the above.  Yes, they own the bakery.  And yes, he was there this morning to tell me "bahala ka na dyan ha", while pointing to the pandesal. Okay. I will vote for this guy. Very enterprising, and I am sure he didn't spend more than P5 for this, which is the allotted budget for each voter.

Oct 1, 2013

Rainy Day Comfort Food

My mom, who we lovingly called Inay, is a great cook.  She is actually the reason why my diet is always failing, hahaha.  I cannot say no to her cooking, and she delights in feeding me! Especially when it is cold and raining, her Sopas and Lugaw are such a hit.  They are my comfort food and every time I eat them, I am enveloped in the heat of the soup, and the love of my Inay. I wish I can cook as good as her, but since I have no sense of smell, I know I can never be as good as her.