Dec 16, 2013

Divisoria 2013

Divisoria is a wonderful place, full of things that will make you forget your budget, hahaha.  You will curse everybody who decides to go there the same day that you did because it seems everybody in the metro was there! Yep, I think half of the city population was in Divisoria if you can see the pictures I took below.   Traffic was horrible that we had to walk from Avenida to 999 mall, and back! And why do we do it? For the savings of course! Good quality blouses and shirts can be bought for as low as P100 each, depending on how good you are at haggling. Shoes and bags are cheap as well! But of course, you have to be very desperate to brave the madness, hahahah!
Of course, you also get to see this things that make going to Divisoria a unique experience.  And yep, I am done shopping for the year!