Apr 8, 2014

1489 Cableway Resort

Last Saturday, my family, my sister's family and their friends went on an overnight swimming at 1489 Cableway Resort in Binangonan, Rizal.  We were there from 5pm of Saturday until 3am of Sunday.  The kids and the kids at hear had a great time! Unfortunately, I only have a few photos of the resort.

Entrance fee was P150 but they have a 10+1 promo. We were also able to get a discount for the cottage for our group. I think the other group opted not to avail of the 10+1 promo and opted to get a cottage for only P150, instead of P500.
There are 3 pools: a 2-ft kiddie pool with fountain, a 3.6ft-5ft pool with slide and a 3ft-4ft pool.  They have several shower areas and there were 2 or 3 P5 karaoke rooms.  The cottages all have their individual grilling station and socket, and a common wash area.  The resort was not too crowded when we get there and they have strict times on opening the pool areas and closing them for pool maintenance.  There were lifeguards present at every pool and several ones at the gate willing to help carry our stuff.  They also have a convenience store inside that sells liquor, ice and soft drinks and even sandwiches.

I love that the resort was too crowded, maybe because we were there for an overnight swimming. But the resort is covered in trees which I love very much!

How to get there:
From Taytay Puregold, ride a jeepney going to Binangonan and it will pass by the resort already.  You may also check out this blog for more photos and directions.

Apr 3, 2014

How to Recycle a Broken Plant Pot

I saw this on 9gag and I was so amazed at this idea of recycling a broken plant pot! It think its prettier than just with a simple pot.  The dish garden design is so nice. I love it and I am sure to try and do it should one of my plants pots break.