Sep 12, 2014

Dinner At Dampa sa Libis

In celebration of her birthday and her recently awarded scholarship to Germany, our friend Rona treated us to dinner in Dampa sa Libis. The last time all 6 of us were together was in February when we went to Cambodia and Vietnam.  So dinner was a very enjoyable affair.
Rona and her husband Rodney was early, so they already ordered our dinner. They bought the shrimp and the pork from the market and had it cooked.  It was ready to be served when we got there. We had shrimp in lemon butter sauce, grilled and sinigang pork, siomai, and the chopsuey (not in the photo). 
It was actually my first time to eat in Dampa, but I had fun so I am surely going to come back for another dinner soon!

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