Feb 13, 2015

Home is Heart, Heart, Heart

where am I?
Travel makes you humble, because it makes you see how tiny a space you occupy in this vast world, says a quote I've read somewhere.  And while it makes you compare your home country, the beloved Philippines to the super efficient Singapore, you still realize that nothing beats home.  Yes, their train runs on time and is very organized and our trains are well, you know how they are. And yes, their streets are clean and people are afraid of being fined and ours are like, well you know how we are.  But the moment you step in Singapore, you are on your guard.  You are mindful that you can be fined by eating on the trains or in the stations.  You don't litter, you don't spit and God forbid if you should ever chew gums.  You are always on your guard.  But when you get back home, you know you can let go.  You are home after all and here, nothing can fine you! So you are fine.  So while I really love to travel, I will always want to go home!