Oct 13, 2015

Presidential Elections 2016

So far, three candidates have signified their intention to run for president of the Philipines for the 2016 elections.  I was lucky enough to hear the two of them talk during a conference in Makati where they talked to a group of investors.  I was lucky to have heard them in person, but I was not at all happy with what I heard.  This early, I have made up my mind. I am voting for Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo.

I believe that at this time, the country needs continuity from all the projects that the Aquino administration has started. Mar may lack political will, but he is still the most qualified for me.  And Leni Robredo will have my vote anytime of the day.  She was the force behind her late husband Jesse Robredo, and we can't get anyone more qualified than her.  

Of course, this is my opinion.  You are free to choose and vote for your candidate.  That is the beauty of an election.  I just hope that this time, we elect the President that we deserve.

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