Jul 27, 2016

Ma Mon Luk

After more than a decade of living in Quezon City, I was finally able to eat at one of the institutions when it comes to mami-Ma Mon Luk.  The branch is locate in Quezon Ave near Banawe.  It was a Thursday, and a little past 8pm, so there were not many people inside.  We ordered 2 Original Mami (Large Bowl) and Siopao Asado and Bola Bola. 

Actually, the mami was nothing to write home about.  It was okay, or maybe my expectations were a bit high.  But the bola-bola siopao was great, and I am sure to come back here, if only for the siopao.  Unfortunately, we didn't to try the siomai as they have run out already.

Anyway, the place was really old, and while the ambiance was as expected of a Chinese eatery, I was a little bit disappointed because it does not appear to be that clean. I will just stop there and say, it was still a good eating experience and maybe, I will just come again for the siopao and siomai.